Walt Catlett (middle) and Tabatha Harris, TTAP Injury Prevention Specialist (right), at Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention training in Oklahoma City, OK

It’s an exciting time at TTAP. In addition to continuing to spread out across the country to deliver classroom training, our Subject Matter Experts are developing a full spectrum of online modules to bring training directly to you. While the self-paced classes are a quick way to obtain a grasp of the training topics, the 4-week instructor-led classes give you the opportunity to engage both with our SMEs and your workplace peers from across the country. I’m excited to hear from you about your online learning experiences.

I’ve been spending time at our Road Scholar Certification Program (RSCP) facility in Oklahoma City, OK as we prepare to roll out certification services for skilled transportation workers who want to lead in their field. Tony DeCresie, RSCP Program Manager, is a safety and maintenance “boots on the ground” professional. Tony and I are both available to help chart your path toward certification.

Whether large or small, or whether you have a fully staffed transportation department or you are a small group with a wide variety of transportation responsibilites, we hope you’ll reach out with anytechnical assistance questions. Please let me know if you have comments and suggestions.

As we move into 2019, we hope to play a part in making your transportation program strong and efficient.

Walt Catlett, PE, works with TTAP Subject Matter Experts and with tribes to promote comprehensive training materials and to identify technical assistance opportunities.

Contact Walt at walt.ttap@virginia.edu or 501-804-6140.