Do you have a meeting facility you’d like to offer as a TTAP training site in 2019?

Safety training in Chinle, AZ

We’re in the process of developing the 2019 TTAP training schedule. Your help in identifying potential regional locations would be greatly appreciated. The opportunity to provide this input was made available to attendees at the National Tribal Transportation Conference (NTTC) in Oklahoma City and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to all tribes.

In addition to your input, we’ll be considering many factors to determine 2019 training locations including:

  • equitable geographic distribution across all BIA regions
  • prior training locations
  • geographic proximity to multiple tribes
  • easy accessibility to overnight lodging
  • modest meal rates
  • low travel costs.

We sincerely welcome any offers to host regional training events in adequate training venues. Host facilities should comfortably accommodate 20-30 attendees. Tribal, state and local government facilities help to keep costs down and increase the training that can be delivered. Due to FHWA guidelines, resorts and casinos cannot be used as training sites.

Please forward suggested locations and/or venues with potential availability dates to by November 5. You can also download a fillable form to complete and send to Please contact Victoria Peters, Director, FHWA Center for Local Aid Support, at if you have any questions or would like additional information.