Portland, OR | September 15-18, 2019

Presented by the National Rural Transit Assistance Program in partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Call for Presentations

The Conference Committee seeks proposals for training, workshops, or presentations especially from those who have implemented successful approaches. Proposals will be evaluated based on their clear application to rural and tribal transit programs, innovation and best practices, and compliance. Topics include:

  • Administration and planning (data collection and measurement, human resources, financial management, nation to nation training, route design, board recruitment)
  • Operations (opiod crisis, de-escalation techniques, marketing, maintenance, emergency management, drug and alcohol testing, asset management)
  • Compliance (procurement, safety and security, civil rights, NTD, TrAMS, charters, state management and triennial reviews)
  • Coordination (partnerships with community, hospitals and healthcare providers, cost allocation, performance measures, NEMT, mobility management, veterans)
  • Technology (best practices, tools for compliance and efficiency, GTFS and trip planners, improving accessibility and user experience)


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