The TTAP Center is a one-stop transportation resource for tribal communities across the country. Comprehensive in-classroom instruction, field and hands-on exercises, online curriculum and motor vehicle injury prevention are combined around a variety of key topics, helping to build expertise and skills to ensure the sustainability of tribal transportation systems and improved safety and mobility for tribal populations.

In-Classroom Instruction

In-person classroom training, offered at no charge, is delivered in multiple locations across each BIA region. During each visit to the region, one of the program’s Subject Matter Experts provides unique classes in one of five key focus areas, incorporating innovative technologies, casework and best practices.

Scheduled over several days in each location, classes with concentrated core curriculum provide opportunities for tribal transportation workers to delve into each topic, developing skills and knowledge in a compressed timeframe. The training schedule for in-classroom training ensures consistency across the regions while building technical capacity and offering cost effective strategies and solutions.

Training Schedules by Region/State (downloadable pdfs)

Great Plains (Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota)

Midwest (Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin)

Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

Rocky Mountain (Montana, Wyoming)

Southern Plains (Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas)

Southwest (Colorado, New Mexico)

Western (Arizona, Nevada, Utah)


Distance Learning

Curriculum offered through online training provides complementary coursework to supplement classroom training and technical assistance. Available at scheduled times throughout the year, online training includes web-based interactive classes, tutorials, and webinars. Online classes offer an exciting opportunity to participate in instructor-led learning sessions, including facilitated discussion forums with participants from across the country. Quizzes and assignments are conveniently completed online, creating a unique and enriching educational experience.

A complete list of online classes will be available shortly.

Is internet access an issue? Contact us at 833-484-9944 (toll free) or at to discuss alternative distance learning options.

Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention

Motor vehicle injury prevention is a vital part of safe tribal transportation environments. The TTAP Center’s Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention Program employs experienced injury prevention specialists (IPS) to administer nationally recognized safety training programs, including car seat checkpoints and Safe Native American Passengers (SNAP) training. The TTAP Center’s injury prevention specialists bring these programs directly to tribal communities to deliver hands-on car seat safety training and safe seat belt use.

Learn more about the Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention Program

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